Saturday, October 10, 2015

Prevent Breast Cancer With Soy

Prevent Breast Cancer With Soy - One new study in the U.S. showed that women who consume soy milk earlier lower risk of breast cancer when old age later.

The study involving almost 1600 Asian-American women, 600 of whom had breast cancer and the remaining healthy women. Women who regularly consume soy-an average of once a week or more, has a 58 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer compared with women who consume less soy.

“This is the first study about consuming soy when the children and the risk of breast cancer and these results are not sufficient to provide public health recommendations,” said senior researcher Dr. Regina G. Ziegler, of the U.S. National Cancer Institute. “and the results need to be tested through further research.”

Previous trial results showing the relationship between soy consumption and breast cancer risk. The findings also indicate that soy consumption in many sizes to prevent and provide protection of the most powerful when consumed since childhood.

Meanwhile, regular soy consumption in adults will be a reduction in breast cancer risk by 25 percent.

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