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How to lower breast cancer risks

How to lower breast cancer risks - Lower risk of breast cancer by practicing breast cancer prevention methods that can save your life.

1. Know thy breast. Monthly self-breast examinations are imperative in order to detect any abnormal bumps and lumps in the breast. Unfortunately, breast examination studies have concluded that self breast examinations put too much fear and anxiety about finding a lump, so women haphazardly avoid feeling themselves when she feels as she must go on the 'breast cancer hunt.'

Women should be strongly advised to do breast self examinations anyway because early detection is key. Also, fear not about thinking of it as going on a cancer hunt. Many women who may detect a lump in the breast may find out later that it is malignant. But by doing self examinations, you are taking charge of your health and your body.

2. Caution what you put into your body. Alcohol is a triple no-no for women who have a family history of breast cancer in their family (also, low alcohol consumption is just as important for women without genetic tendencies). Experts have concluded that while a glass of red wine can lower risk of heart disease, having more can increase a breast cancer risk. So if you are a wine drinker, aim to have no more than a glass per day. If you suffer from an alcohol addiction, get help immediately as this can dramatically increase breast cancer risk.

3. Get more calcium and vitamin D into your system. Growing number of studies have proven that women need to up their vitamin D intake because 75% of women are alarmingly deficient in this mineral. Eat more fortified dairy products and drink more milk; skim, vitamin D and goats milk are highly suggested. Increase your fish intake, which provides healthy levels of omega 3 (but it is highly suggested you take flaxseed oil supplement daily). You should aim to have a 1000 IU of vitamin D per day.

4. Exercising has been found to cut your risk by at least 30%. Simply a little more than 3 hours a week of cardio and resistance training lowers estrogen levels (which is linked to cancerous tumors in the breast). Doing fitness activities keep you at a healthy weight.

5. Watch your estrogen levels. When a woman has too much estrogen, (if they have started their menstrual cycle before 12 or have had their first child after 30) estrogen stays in breast cells longer than normal. Talk to your ob-gyn about your risk factors and also, check to see if the Pill or other contraceptives increases your estrogen levels.

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