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How to Eat to Prevent Breast Cancer

How to Eat to Prevent Breast Cancer - The truth is that they are miles away from any guaranteed protection against breast cancer. But at this point, we can look at improving our ability to include (and avoid) certain foods and nutrients in our diet. The groundbreaking report of the American Institute for Cancer Research (Food, Nutrition and Prevention of Cancer: a global perspective, 1997) noted that food, based on the results of the research so far, probably or possibly decrease risk of cancer breast and the food / components probably or possibly a higher risk. You will find many of their conclusions in 10 steps.


1. Enjoy more fruits. Contribute powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber.

2. Enjoy more vegetables. Contribute other powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals, and also provide fiber.

3. The job of a carotenoid-rich foods in your day (melon, mango, beet greens, squash, chile, dandelion, dock / sorrel green Hubbard squash, kale, mustard greens, pumpkin, spinach potatoes, sweet swiis chard, turnip greens, squash and yams).

4. Eat more fiber, especially whole grains. Phytochemicals found in whole grains have been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer in animal studies.

5. Avoid fat, saturated fat and animal fat moderate. Researchers are still trying to figure out if and how the amount of fat (and the type of fat) in food change our risk of breast cancer. The results of animal studies have suggested the possibility that the amount and type of fat we eat can encourage or discourage certain breast tumors.

6. Jump to monounsaturated fats. Research has shown that monounsaturated oils like olive and canola oil, has many effects that promote cancer (Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 97:16, 1997).

7. They consume little alcohol or not. At least 50 studies have shown that alcohol can play a role in breast cancer risk.

8. To emphasize the variety of food choices. Eat different foods are given many useful nutrients and phytochemicals.

9. Try to keep the extra weight of age. A study by Harvard University showed that women who gained 44-55 pounds after age 18 had nearly twice the risk of menopause after breast cancer compared with women who had gained a few pounds .

10. Bitten by the bug of fitness! (O)

11. Try to exercise at least 4 hours a week - even if only by foot. Some studies have found a reduced risk of breast cancer among women who exercise regularly or who are athletic teens.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some researchers think that we have scientific proof that eating or avoiding certain foods can help prevent breast cancer, but when you follow the steps above, also helps prevent other chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes type II, and obesity.
  • Remember to also maintain your annual appointments with your OB/GYN, keep to your mammogram schedule, and perform monthly self-exams.
  • Only about 5% of women with breast cancer have a hereditary form of the disease. These women often develop breast cancer before menopause and that several family members with the disease also.
  • Choose from two monounsaturated cooking oils, olive oil and canola oil. Use olive oil to pasta salads, salad dressings and Italian and Mediterranean recipes and the use of canola oil for frying oven, frying, baking and sautéing.
  • Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, after pooling the results of six international studies, estimated that the consumption of 2 to 5 drinks a day increases a woman's risk of breast cancer in more 40% compared with nondrinkers.

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